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Curtin Singapore - The complete university experience

Curtin Singapore is the second off-shore campus of Australia's Curtin University. Curtin Singapore is an Australian-based university that provides students the opportunity to receive an Australian university education in Singapore. Study at Curtin Singapore with KILROY.

RMIT Vietnam: University life

You'll never experience another time in your life quite like your university years. From spending time on the RMIT Vietnam campus and meeting new people through exploring a new culture and the wonderful sights and sounds of Vietnam, your experience at RMIT Vietnam will be rewarding and fulfilling. Learn more: RMIT Vietnam University Learn more:...

RMIT Vietnam: Study survival tips from students

International students will face various challenges when studying in a foreign country. Whether you are suffering from homesickness or simply want to know how to make university life easier, here are a few tips from both local and international students at RMIT Vietnam. Learn more: RMIT Vietnam University Learn more: About Vietnam

Curtin University Singapore - Student Testimonial

Studying at Curtin University Singapore. Why Singapore? Why Curtin Singapore? What's uni life like? What about tomorrow? What do you love about Singapore? Want to study in Singapore? Read about Curtin University Singapore

RMIT Vietnam - First Impression - Study Abroad

RMIT Vietnam Study Abroad program. International students talk about their experiences and student life at RMIT Vietnam. First impression, the people, the food, expenses, housing, transportation, entertainment, leisure and travel. Learn more: RMIT Vietnam Learn more: Studying in Vietnam

RMIT Vietnam - A day in the life - Study Abroad

RMIT Vietnam - Study Abroad. Get an impression of the university, the city, the people and student life at the RMIT Vietnam campus. Learn more: RMIT Vietnam Learn more: Studying in Vietnam

China - This is my Internship Experience

Working in China is a unique experience. Come with an open mind and accept that things might work a little different than what you're used to from home. China is growing and will probably continue to grow so having an understanding of the Chinese culture will defiantly be a valuable point on your CV in the future. Want to do an internship...

Fudan University, Shanghai

Are you dreaming of studying in China? Then study at Fudan University in Shanghai China.

Hong Kong PolyU - A day at the university

Experience a day at PolyU. Join a class, experience Hong Kong and get a glimpse of campus life at PolyU. Want to study in China? See our universities in China

Hong Kong PolyU - The city seen from a Londoner's eye

Meet Alexander Rose, exchange student at the PolyU School of Design. Hear about his experience with studying at Hong Kong PolyU. Want to study in China? See our universities in China