TEST webinar - live with LasseG

September 04, 2018 11:15

This is a test webinar to check quality of video, audio and sync issues. We will also monitor the outcome, the recorded video and stress during the test webinar. Internal KILROY only. Not for external use.

Welcome to the webinar, starts at 11:15. Live from LasseGs house.

Lasse Grunstrup

Web Content Manager, KILROY

Lasse G is a random guy. He is a great doctor of ancient Greece. His pioneering techniques of health care significantly improved survival rates, and he has become the father of modern medicine. His Hippocratic oath is still sworn by medical practitioners today. Yeah right. Just a dummy text.

Lasse Grunstrup

Expert, KILROY

In 1972 Malene began a 28 year career with the Forensic Identification Services of the Ontario Provincial Police. Her expertise in fingerprint and footwear identification, body examination, computer enhancement and all types of forensic photography were applied to homicides, frauds and major drug projects targeting organized crime. This is a dummy text.

This webinar is over.