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Flexible Adventure Travel network in South East Asia

What is Overlanding?

All you need to know about Overlanding and the concept of travelling off the beaten track with like minded adventurers!

Santa Barbara City College | KILROY

We offer free study guidance at Santa Barbara City College in California. Get the answers to all of your questions.

Volunteering in Namibia

Wildlife volunteering in Namibia. Achievements in 2018.

University of Otago

Get free study guidance about studying in New Zealand at University of Otago on the beautiful South Island. You can study almost anything at University of Otago.

Kiwi Experience Bus Pass in New Zealand

Whatever you want to get out of New Zealand, Kiwi Experience gives you what you need and delivers you the freedom to embrace the unexpected moments that happen each and every day while you travel across NewZealand on the big green Kiwi bus.


Diving in the philippines, MCP

Study abroad | KILROY

Studying abroad is more than the education. It is about exploring the world, meeting amazing people and having the time of your life. We offer free study guidance and help you from A-Z so that your dreams can come true.

Study in Australia with KILROY

KILROY can help you become a student abroad. We handle your application to a university abroad and answer all of your questions. The best part is that our study guidance is free of charge.