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Stray Asia Travel Pass

Flexible Adventure Travel network in South East Asia with Stray.

Check out the marine conservation project in the Phillipines

Diving in the philippines as part of a marine conservation project

Fitness bootcamp in Thailand

Imagine what it would feel like to get fit. Really fit, feeling amazing, looking great and having a massive confidence boost. Sadly it’s almost impossible to devote enough time in our busy hectic lives to achieve those goals. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Join a fitness camp in Thailand and get all the tools necessary to become a better...

Philippines Marine Conservation and Diving - Building artificial reef

See what it's like to volunteer and dive in The Philippines. Building of underwater artificial reef.Learn more: Marine Conservation and Diving in The Philippines

Philippines Marine Conservation and Diving - interview

Join as a volunteer in The Philippines - learn scientific diving and study marine biology, help campaigning and meet like minded people from all over the world who may end up as your lifelong friends. Learn more: Marine Conservation and Diving in The Philippines

Volunteering: Ho Chi Minh Food Shop - Vietnam

The food shop is run by a NGO together with local people to provide subsidized and cheap meals for the poor in Ho Chi Minh. Come volunteer in Vietnam! Learn more: Volunteering in Vietnam

Volunteering: Singburi - Thailand

Give back to the local rural community in Singburi in Thailand and teach the local children in one of the many rural schools. You can also try school construction/maintenance and learn the art of Thai boxing! Learn more: Volunteering in Singburi, Thailand

Volunteering: Samraong, Greenway School - Cambodia

The Greenway School in the Pul village of Samraong in Cambodia, teaches various subjects to children from poorer backgrounds, who otherwise could not afford education. Here you will have the opportunity to teach English to the local children. Learn more: Volunteering in Cambodia

Volunteering - Elephant and wildlife refuge - Thailand

This elephant and wildlife rescue centre in Thailand gives refuge to domesticated elephants that have been forced to work in the tourism industry of Thailand. See what it's like to volunteer at the Elephant refuge and wildlife rescue center. Learn more: Wildlife volunteering in Thailand

Ruski Huski Train adventure with Vodkatrain

Go for a full on adventure on this traditional winter Trans Siberian/Mongolian Experience. This is a Boots 'n' all trip for the hardiest of travellers. Think snow, big furry Moscow hats, temperatures well below zero, oh and probably some vodka too! Learn more about this trip: Ruski Huski

Surfing in Sri Lanka - Lapoint Surfcamp - Sri Lanka

Lapoint surf camp Sri Lanka is located near a white sandy beach in the surfer’s paradise Ahangama at the southwest coast of Sri Lanka. Tropical climate and perfect waves for both beginners and experienced surfers. Learn more: Surfing in Sri Lanka

Surfing in Bali - Lapoint Surfcamp - Bali

Bali are among the most popular surf destinations in Asia. See what surf life is all about at the lapoint surf camp, located in the southern part of Bali. Learn more: Surf camp and surf courses in Bali