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Fraser Island, Australia

Fraser Island is a place of exceptional beauty. It has long white beaches and amazing freshwater lakes with crystal clear water. This is a must-see for everyone visiting the East Coast. Get inspired: Read about Australia

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

When you visit the East Coast you have to spend at least one day at The Great Barrier Reef. Do some amazing scuba diving or snorkeling while you’re there. A must do! Get inspired: Read about Australia

Cape Tribulation, Australia

In northern Queensland you’ll find one of Australia’s most beautiful rainforests. People are drawn here because of the scenery and wildlife. Kelly from the US came all the way to Australia just to see this place. She sees giant spiders, feeds kangaroos and a lot more. Get inspired: Read about Australia

Sydney, Australia - This is my Hostel - Wake Up Sydney

Whether you're pit stopping or staying in Sydney for a long period - Wake Up hostel is a fantastic place to wake up! Here’s everything you need – including loads of fun! Michelle shows us her room, the toilet, the big dorm rooms, the TV lounge, the kitchen and at last but not least the hostel bar! Get inspired: Read about Australia