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Australia - This is my campervan

In a campervan you have everything you need and the freedom to go wherever you want in Australia! This guy discovered other benefits as well... Want to try this yourself? See our campervans in Australia Get inspired: Read about Australia

Whitsundays, Australia - This is my boat

Turquoise water, splendid views, amazing diving, swimming and cool people – all this is included when going on a sailing safari around Whitsunday Islands. Niklas (isn’t he cute?), 19, is very impressed with his boat. He shows us his bed, the foodmaster, the toilet, the small shower and how to put up the sail. Look here and find out what happens...

Cairns, Australia - Bungy Jumping

If you go to Australia you must push yourself to the limit and try a real bungy jump. 1, 2, 3, GO! Get inspired: See more activities in Cairns Get inspired: Read about Australia

Australia's East Coast Top 10

There are a lot of things to see on the East Coast of Australia. You can try bungy jumping in Cairns, local horseback riding, scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef or take a bush safari in the rain forest of Cape Tribulation. Here you have 10 awesome ideas for your own journey. Enjoy! Get inspired: Read about Australia

Fraser Island, Australia

Fraser Island is a place of exceptional beauty. It has long white beaches and amazing freshwater lakes with crystal clear water. This is a must-see for everyone visiting the East Coast. Get inspired: Read about Australia

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

When you visit the East Coast you have to spend at least one day at The Great Barrier Reef. Do some amazing scuba diving or snorkeling while you’re there. A must do! Get inspired: Read about Australia

Cape Tribulation, Australia

In northern Queensland you’ll find one of Australia’s most beautiful rainforests. People are drawn here because of the scenery and wildlife. Kelly from the US came all the way to Australia just to see this place. She sees giant spiders, feeds kangaroos and a lot more. Get inspired: Read about Australia

Sydney, Australia - This is my Hostel - Wake Up Sydney

Whether you're pit stopping or staying in Sydney for a long period - Wake Up hostel is a fantastic place to wake up! Here’s everything you need – including loads of fun! Michelle shows us her room, the toilet, the big dorm rooms, the TV lounge, the kitchen and at last but not least the hostel bar! Get inspired: Read about Australia