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Western Balkan roadtrip teaser

Roadtrip in Western Balkan. Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Go by a classic camper and enjoy the scenic highlights and culture of the Balkans.

Balkan Campers - LT 28 "Mokos"

The "Mokoš" campervan is based on the 1982 Volkswagen LT 28 model. It runs on diesel and there are plenty of living space and beds. You can rent this camper car in Slovenia.

Jucy EV electric campervan in New Zealand

The new Jucy EV electric campervan is presented by two French backpackers.

Kiwi Experience Bus Pass in New Zealand

Whatever you want to get out of New Zealand, Kiwi Experience gives you what you need and delivers you the freedom to embrace the unexpected moments that happen each and every day while you travel through New Zealand on the big green Kiwi bus.

Trekking with KILROY

Strap your boots on and prepare yourself for feeling on top of the world when hiking onto towering heights, trekking through lush forests or walking along sublime terrains. Learn more: Trekking and hiking tours

Round The World and Backpacking with KILROY

Round The World adventures and backpacking with KILROY. This is the ultimate way to travel and explore life. Learn more: Round the world with KILROY Learn more: Backpackers travel guide

Western Australia: 5 things to see

What does The Pinnacles, Kalbari National Park, Shell Beach, Monkey Mia and sand boarding have in common? All are must-see / must-do on a road trip in Western Australia. Learn more: Campervan in Australia Learn more: Destination Australia

The Philippines - How to have fun

Don't have a clue on what to do in the Philippines? Here's a few suggestions: Rent a surfboard, have fun with friends and locals, try out island hopping, explore caves, snorkel, relax at the beach, rent a scooter (wear a helmet, please) or go shopping! Learn more: The Philippines Learn more: Diving and Adventures in the Philippines

Travel guide - Africa tips and tricks

What to bring and think about when you go to Africa. Tips, tricks and advice from real Africa overland travelers. Check it out. Get inspired: Read more in our travel guide Get inspired: See our Africa adventures

Aukland, New Zealand - night life

The bass is pounding around the many nightclubs in Auckland, New Zealand, and both locals and travellers let it all out on the dance floor! Whoop, whoop! Get inspired: Read about Auckland Get inspired: Read about New Zealand

Travel guide - Travellers’ tips and what to bring

What to bring and what not to bring in your backpack - that’s the question. Get great advice from these backpackers - they have learned the hard way! Practical stuff: Read the KILROY backpacker and travel guide

Australia - This is my campervan

In a campervan you have everything you need and the freedom to go wherever you want in Australia! This guy discovered other benefits as well... Want to try this yourself? See our campervans in Australia Get inspired: Read about Australia