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Sailing with KILROY

Join a sailing tour at one of our carefully chosen locations around the world. You choose your method of transport: catamaran, yacht, tall-ship, riverboat - or anything between. Tours last from one day to several weeks. Sail away with KILROY! Learn more: Sailing and boat tours

China - The Three Gorges (by boat)

The Three Gorges is one of the most spectacular sites in China. The dam is built on the Yangtze River and is one of the largest construction projects ever. River boat cruises are popular and further upstream you can do tours in smaller vessels. Learn more: All about China Learn more: Adventures in China

Halong Bay, Vietnam - KILROY was here

Halong Bay is listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List - and with good reason! Few places on earth are as fascinating and intriguing as the oddly eroded rocks off the coast of North Vietnam. A must see! Get inspired: Read about VietnamGet inspired: Tours and activities in Vietnam