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Volunteering: Samraong, Greenway School - Cambodia

The Greenway School in the Pul village of Samraong in Cambodia, teaches various subjects to children from poorer backgrounds, who otherwise could not afford education. Here you will have the opportunity to teach English to the local children. Learn more: Volunteering in Cambodia

Cambodia - 5 things to see

There are many exiting experiences waiting for you, if you plan to travel in Cambodia. Go to the beautiful ancient temples in Angkor Wat or the horrifying S21 and Killing Fields. Sail on The Floating Village of Chong Kneas or visit The Royal Palace - Phnom Pehn. See more here. Get inspired: Read about CambodiaGet inspired: Tours and activities...

Cambodia - Travelling on a shoestring

This G adventures trip "Cambodia on a shoestring" is really fantastic. The experienced guides take you to the major sights and activities in Cambodia. Experience the city of Angkor Wat - the former capital of KhMehr Kingdom and sail to The Floating village of Chong Khnea, take a bus trip from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh and meet the local children...