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Mumbai, India - This is my Bollywood Experience

Bollywood in Mumbai produces more movies than any other place on the planet. The Bollywood movies are loud and crazy, but they are definitely worth a try when you travel around India. In this video Katie experiences her first Bollywood movie. Get inspired: Read about IndiaGet inspired: Tours and activities in India

Malaysia - 5 things to see

Here's what you should experience when visiting Malaysia as a backpacker. Featuring the metropolitan capital Kuala Lumpur, deep rainforest, high mountains, paradise beaches and a great food culture.

Venice Beach, California, USA - KILROY was here

We've all heard about Venice Beach in L.A. but what's actually going on at the beach on a hot July afternoon? Get inspired: Read about Los Angeles Get inspired: Read about USA

San Francisco, USA - 5 Things to see

San Francisco is a wonderful city with one highlight after the other. See the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge, take a tour to Pier 39 and watch all the sea lions or get on a cable car to the steep, steep Russian Hills. Get inspired: Read about San Francisco Get inspired: Read about USA

Atlanta, USA - KILROY was here

Atlanta is a beautiful and interesting city in the east of the USA. It’s a popular place to stop by when travelling through the states. Here you can visit the World of Coca-Cola, Georgia Aquarium, Zoo Atlanta or take a tour inside CNN. Take a look and see what to expect! Get inspired: Read about USA

Sydney, Australia - This is my Hostel - Wake Up Sydney

Whether you're pit stopping or staying in Sydney for a long period - Wake Up hostel is a fantastic place to wake up! Here’s everything you need – including loads of fun! Michelle shows us her room, the toilet, the big dorm rooms, the TV lounge, the kitchen and at last but not least the hostel bar! Get inspired: Read about Australia