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Gili, Indonesia - This is my Diving Course

Scuba-diving is very addictive, so keep that in mind when considering taking your divers license in Indonesia. The Gili Islands is an awesome place to learn to dive. Chilled-out atmosphere and beautiful diving-spots. Get inspired: Read about AsiaGet inspired: Tours and activities in Asia

Perhentian Islands, Malaysia - KILROY was here

If you want complete relaxation in Malaysia – this is where you should go. The Perhentian Islands have wonderful beaches, amazing snorkeling, and great seafood barbecues - and parties at night. Have fun! Get inspired: Read about MalaysiaGet inspired: Tours and activities in Malaysia

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

When you visit the East Coast you have to spend at least one day at The Great Barrier Reef. Do some amazing scuba diving or snorkeling while you’re there. A must do! Get inspired: Read about Australia