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Brisbane - A student's day

200 days of sunshine every year and 365 days of opportunities. Study in a great city with students from all over the world. Want to study in Australia? See our universities in Australia

Internship in Los Angeles, USA - One day as an intern

One day in the life of Leo Bülow - intern at a company called Süperfad doing Motion Graphic Design and Animation. Leo got help to apply for an internship visa from KILROY education. Want to do an internship in USA? Read about our internship program

Newcastle University, England

More than 20,000 students and over 300 postgraduate programs and a great student life. What more can a student ask for?

The University of Western Australia, Perth

If you are considering taking an education at The University of Western Australia then watch this video. It gives you a tour around the large variety of educations and activities at this university. Want to study here? Read about The University of Western Australia Want to study in Australia? See our universities in Australia

Study at The Santa Barbara City College, California, USA

Studying in a foreign country is very educational - both in the academic and general respect! David Lee took the exciting and rewarding challenge. He is studying Business Management and playing American Football at the Santa Barbara City College right next to the beach. He loves it. You can go too! Want to combine sports with studying? Read...