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China - Beijing - KILROY was here

Beijing, China. Rent a bike and find you way around the city. Try out local street food, watch the city spectacles, visit the Forbidden city and Tiananmen Square, explore the Great Wall of China and take in the night life of Beijing. Learn more: All about Beijing Learn more: Adventures and activities in Beijing, China

China - Travel tips for China

What to bring and think about when you go to China. Tips, tricks and advice from real China backpackers. Check it out. Learn more: All about China Learn more: Adventures in China

China - 10 things to see

For ambitious travelers on a tight budget who are after a China experience with the very best this country has to offer, this video shows 10 of the best China experiences without missing its scenic wonders and most famous cities and sites. Learn more: All about China Learn more: Adventures in China

The Forbidden City, Beijing, China - KILROY was here

The Forbidden City is a must-do in Beijing. More than 980 buildings are part of this old complex. It was named the Forbidden City becaause it was forbidden for any commoner to enter. Follow Siavash as he takes us on a short tour of this major Beijing attraction. Get inspired: Read about ChinaGet inspired: Tours and activities in China