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Trekking with KILROY

Strap your boots on and prepare yourself for feeling on top of the world when hiking onto towering heights, trekking through lush forests or walking along sublime terrains. Learn more: Trekking and hiking tours

Kilimanjaro Trekking - Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro is Tanzania’s and Africa's highest mountain. This magic mountain should be climbed by everyone at least once! Here's a preview of the 5 vegetation zones you pass through on the 5-7 day trekking adventure to the summit of Kilimanjaro. Learn more: Uhuru Peak, Mount Kilimanjaro Learn more: Kilimanjaro trekking tours

China - The Great Wall

The Great Wall of China. Visit this wonder near Beijing or further inland. Make sure to bring your best trekking shoes as the steps are many and steep. Learn more: All about China Learn more: Adventures in China

Zimbabwe - Hiking for Rhinos

Hiking for Rhinos in Zimbabwe. Follow this safari group on their quest for tracking down the Rhinos. Get inspired: Read about AfricaGet inspired: Tours and activities in Africa

USA - 5 things to see in the west

Highlights from western USA. Five things you should not miss when you go West: Los Angeles beaches, California - Monument Valley, Arizona - Hollywood, California - Las Vegas, Nevada and the National Parks. Get inspired: Read about USA Get inspired: National Parks tours and activities

Zion National Park, USA - Hiking

Get ready for a river swim in Zion National Park - Hiking "The Narrows". Get great tips for what to bring and see what you can experience when you get here yourself. Want to try this? See our tours in the national parks of USA Get inspired: Read about USA

Grand Canyon, USA - trekking tips

Hiking the Grand Canyon - be sure to bring lots of water!!! Want to try this? See our tours in the national parks of USA Get inspired: Read about USA

Chile - Volcano Climbing

Climbing a volcano in Chile can be quite an experience. It's a hard going, but just wait until you get to the summit. It's all worth it. Get inspired: Read about South AmericaGet inspired: Tours and activities in South America

Bariloche, Argentina - KILROY was here

Experience the amazing nature in Bariloche, Argentina in this video. Get inspired: Read about ArgentinaGet inspired: Tours and activities in Argentina

Peru - Trekking Salkantay

You have to see the Inca Ruins at Machu Picchu when you go to Peru. If you are adventurous, you can also challenge yourself with an amazing trek in the picturesque mountain landscapes of the Salkantay peak in the Peruvian Andes. Get inspired: Read about PeruGet inspired: Tours and activities in Peru

New Zealand - The white island

This volcano can erupt at any moment! No one knows for how much longer this island is going to be accessible for visitors – but for now you still have the opportunity to be amazed by its peculiar landscape. Get inspired: Read about New Zealand

New Zealand - Trekking Tongariro Crossing

This incredible scenery is best seen while trekking through the volcanic landscape of northern New Zealand. Maybe you’ll recognise the spectacular views from Lord of the Rings! Get inspired: Read about New Zealand