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Surfing in Bali - Lapoint Surfcamp - Bali

Bali are among the most popular surf destinations in Asia. See what surf life is all about at the lapoint surf camp, located in the southern part of Bali. Learn more: Surf camp and surf courses in Bali

Explore life with KILROY (spring 2015) - Surfing

Life is about exploring the moments that matter. Moments that no-one can take away from you. That will stay with you forever. There is something out there that will define you! Explore life at http://www.explorelife.eu

This is Indonesia - KILROY was here

Explore the highlights of Indonesia! Mesmerizing views, a spicy and chaotic mix of different cultures and especially thousands of unspoiled islands with beautiful natural scenery. KILROY was here! Get inspired: Read about IndonesiaGet inspired: Tours and activities in Indonesia

Pulau Weh, Indonesia - Diving with Blue Venture

Ever dived northern Sumatra in Indonesia? Pulau Weh or Sabang island, is the most northern islands of Indonesia and give opportunities for some of the best diving in Asia. Multiple currents meat at the KM-Zero, the top point of Pulau Weh, bringing nutrients and pelagic life with them. Don't miss the chance of diving in Pulau Weh.

Bali, Indonesia - This is my Surf Camp

Lapoint Surf Camp is located in Canggu on the island of Bali, Indonesia. Here you will learn how to surf, chill by the pool, enjoy Indonesian food and make new surfer friends from all over the world. Follow Patrik from Sweden as he shows around in the surf camp and take you to the local surf spot, Echo Beach. Get inspired: Read about AsiaGet...

Bali, Indonesia - This is my Bali road trip

The easiest way to get around Bali is without a doubt on a scooter. There’s nothing like driving around with the wind in your hair exploring the versatile island on your own. Follow Soffi on this Bali day trip. Get inspired: Read about AsiaGet inspired: Tours and activities in Asia

Gili Trawangan, Indonesia - KILROY was here

If you are looking for a backpacker paradise where you can tan on the beach during daytime and party at night - Gili Trawangan is the place you want to be. Situated on the west-coast of Lombok, in the Bali Sea, Gili Trawangan is blessed with amazing diving, white beaches and postcard environment. Small boats will take you to see the two...

Bali, Lombok and Gili, Indonesia - 5 things to see

When you travel as a backpacker in Indonesia you can easily travel from one island to another and experience completely different worlds. Try out worldclass surfing on Bali, spectacular diving on the Gili islands, and incredible nature on Lombok. Get inspired: Read about AsiaGet inspired: Tours and activities in Asia

Gili, Indonesia - This is my Diving Course

Scuba-diving is very addictive, so keep that in mind when considering taking your divers license in Indonesia. The Gili Islands is an awesome place to learn to dive. Chilled-out atmosphere and beautiful diving-spots. Get inspired: Read about AsiaGet inspired: Tours and activities in Asia

Kuta, Bali, Indonesia - KILROY was here

You haven’t been to Bali if you haven’t partied in Kuta. Enjoy a crazy night with loud music, strong drinks and insane dancing. A classic backpacker hub in Bali.