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Volunteering: Project ASIS - Costa Rica

Learn about volunteering with spider monkeys and other animals at Proyecto Asis in Costa Rica, which serves as an animal rescue center, Spanish school and volunteer center. Learn more: Wildlife volunteering in Costa Rica

Volunteering: Intro to Animal Rescue Center La Ceiba - Costa Rica

In this video you get an introduction to volunteering at "The Jaguar Animal Rescue Center" in Playa Chiquita, a non-profit foundation which aims to rehabilitate mistreated, injured and/or confiscated animals that are then reintroduced to their natural habitat in protected areas. Learn more: Wildlife volunteering in Costa Rica

Taman Negara, Malaysia - KILROY was here

The Malaysian jungle Taman Negara is a perfect backpacker place to experience great nature, and to get your adrenalin pumping. Taman Negara is one of the world’s oldest tropical rain forests.

Malaysia - This is my canopy walk

Deep within the Taman Negara jungle in Malaysia, you’ll find the longest Canopy walk in the world. Follow Kathrin as she experiences the 510 m. long tree top walk, set 45 m. above the ground. Get inspired: Read about AsiaGet inspired: Tours and activities in Asia