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Durmitor National Park, Montenegro

Inspirational video from Durmitor National Park in central Montenegro.

Volunteering with KILROY

We offer volunteering abroad in community, nature, and wildlife conservation projects. We have carefully selected volunteer projects which make a real difference in the local communities. Learn more: Volunteering abroad

Volunteering - Hands on Big 5 - South Africa

Learn about nature conservation, work with the park rangers and get up close to Africa’s big game. Learn more: Volunteer projects in South Africa

Hoover Dam, Nevada, USA - KILROY was here

As dams goes, this is one of the most impressive in the US. It's located on the border of Arizona and Nevada and gives power to nearby Las Vegas. Get inspired: Read about USA

Bariloche, Argentina - KILROY was here

Experience the amazing nature in Bariloche, Argentina in this video. Get inspired: Read about ArgentinaGet inspired: Tours and activities in Argentina

New Zealand - The white island

This volcano can erupt at any moment! No one knows for how much longer this island is going to be accessible for visitors – but for now you still have the opportunity to be amazed by its peculiar landscape. Get inspired: Read about New Zealand

New Zealand - Trekking Tongariro Crossing

This incredible scenery is best seen while trekking through the volcanic landscape of northern New Zealand. Maybe you’ll recognise the spectacular views from Lord of the Rings! Get inspired: Read about New Zealand

Franz Josef, New Zealand - Ice trekking

Do you want street cred back home? Climb a glacier! In New Zealand you can give yourself the ultimate challenge in the ever-changing icy landscape. Get inspired: Read about New Zealand