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Study in Australia 7/8 - Midbreak at Airlie Beach, Queensland

2 international students takes a break from university in Austrlia and goes to exotic Airlie Beach in Queensland. See how to have fun and explore life in Australia: Beach life, snorkeling, sailing the Whitsunday Islands... and of course partying! Learn more: Study abroad in Australia

Cairns, Australia - White water rafting

If you like crazy activities - come to Australia! Mandy and Lee are not afraid to get wet and wild! Try this yourself: See our white water rafting tours Get inspired: Read about Australia

Queensland, Australia - This is my Hostel in Rainbow Ranch

Just chill out... At Rainbow Beach, Queensland, James found a perfect spot for a few days of relaxation before continuing his journey up the East Coast. He shows us were he sleeps, the internet cafe, chill areas, kitchen, pool and even shows us where to make your own boomerang. Get inspired: Read about Australia

Whitsundays, Australia - This is my boat

Turquoise water, splendid views, amazing diving, swimming and cool people – all this is included when going on a sailing safari around Whitsunday Islands. Niklas (isn’t he cute?), 19, is very impressed with his boat. He shows us his bed, the foodmaster, the toilet, the small shower and how to put up the sail. Look here and find out what happens...

Cape Tribulation, Australia

In northern Queensland you’ll find one of Australia’s most beautiful rainforests. People are drawn here because of the scenery and wildlife. Kelly from the US came all the way to Australia just to see this place. She sees giant spiders, feeds kangaroos and a lot more. Get inspired: Read about Australia