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India - This is my camel ride

Riding a camel in the dessert is a must when you’re backpacking in India. The Rajasthan dessert is located in the northwestern part of India and is the perfect setup for camel riding. Ride towards the sunset, meet the nomads, and have a barbecue under millions of shining stars. In this clip Victor from Brazil rides a camel for the first time...

The Golden Triangle, India - 5 things to see

The Golden Triangle in India is the area between Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, which holds many of India's cultural gems. Here you’ll find great cultural monuments, such as Taj Mahal, and breathtaking nature, like the Rajasthan dessert. The Golden Triangle is a must for all first time backpackers in India. Get inspired: Read about IndiaGet inspired:...

Pushkar Lake, India - KILROY was here

Pushkar offers a very hippie-like atmosphere with many backpackers and travelers coming to relax and meditate. If you come to Pushkar, India make sure to catch the beautiful sunset by the Pushkar Lake. Get inspired: Read about IndiaGet inspired: Tours and activities in India