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Sailing in Europe

Go for a sweet sailing trip in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Experience the very best of Greece, Croatia or Spain. Never tried it before? You have certainly missed out!

Sailing with KILROY

Join a sailing tour at one of our carefully chosen locations around the world. You choose your method of transport: catamaran, yacht, tall-ship, riverboat - or anything between. Tours last from one day to several weeks. Sail away with KILROY! Learn more: Sailing and boat tours

Abel Tasman National park, New Zealand

The scenery in Abel Tasman National Park is incomparable to any other place on earth. A sailing trip is a peaceful way to experience the golden beaches, shallow lagoons and crystal clear waters. If your're lucky you will see dolphins too. Get inspired: Read about New Zealand

Whitsundays, Australia - This is my boat

Turquoise water, splendid views, amazing diving, swimming and cool people – all this is included when going on a sailing safari around Whitsunday Islands. Niklas (isn’t he cute?), 19, is very impressed with his boat. He shows us his bed, the foodmaster, the toilet, the small shower and how to put up the sail. Look here and find out what happens...