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Boston, USA - 5 things to see

A few suggestions on what to see and do in Boston, Massachusetts. You really shouldn't miss Boston and New England on a road trip on the US East coast. Boston is also a great start or end city if you are doing a coast to coast road trip in USA! Sightseeing tours and activities: Boston, Massachusetts Get inspired: Read about USA

Niagara Falls, Canada - KILROY was here

Face to face with North Americas most famous water falls. Get inspired: National Parks tours and activities Get inspired: Read about Canada

Singapore - 5 things to see

Singapore is a western cultural melting pot in the middle of Asia. Spend all your backpacker money on the fabulous shopping or enjoy one of the many different areas of the Singapore, for example Little India.

Malaysia - 5 things to see

Here's what you should experience when visiting Malaysia as a backpacker. Featuring the metropolitan capital Kuala Lumpur, deep rainforest, high mountains, paradise beaches and a great food culture.

The Forbidden City, Beijing, China - KILROY was here

The Forbidden City is a must-do in Beijing. More than 980 buildings are part of this old complex. It was named the Forbidden City becaause it was forbidden for any commoner to enter. Follow Siavash as he takes us on a short tour of this major Beijing attraction. Get inspired: Read about ChinaGet inspired: Tours and activities in China

Venice Beach, California, USA - KILROY was here

We've all heard about Venice Beach in L.A. but what's actually going on at the beach on a hot July afternoon? Get inspired: Read about Los Angeles Get inspired: Read about USA