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Southern Africa - 5 adrenaline kicks to try out

Go to Africa and get the ultimate adrenaline kick. Try out bungy jumping, shark cage diving, sand boarding, quad biking, skydiving and white water rafting. And there are plenty other adrenaline adventures waiting for you in southern Africa. Get inspired: Read about AfricaGet inspired: Tours and activities in Africa

New Zealand - Skydiving in Taupo

I’m jumping out of a plane, Mum! That’s what Laura is saying when she takes a thrilling plunge from a pink propeller airplane in Taupo, New Zealand. Do this yourself: See our skydiving tours Get inspired: Read about New Zealand

New Zealand - The country of Adrenaline

Do you like action? Do you like to challenge yourself? In New Zealand you can go skydiving, bungy jumping, water rafting, canyon swinging, cave rafting, river sledging and much, much more! Get inspired: Read about New Zealand

New Zealand - 10 things to do

It will take you a long time to run out of exiting activities and sights in New Zealand. Go whale watching in Kaikoura, see dolphins at Bay of Islands, go trekking at Tongariro Crossing or try ice climbing at Franz Joseph Glacier. These activities are just a few of many. See our hottest pick here and get inspired! Get inspired: Read about New...

Queensland, Australia - This is my Hostel in Rainbow Ranch

Just chill out... At Rainbow Beach, Queensland, James found a perfect spot for a few days of relaxation before continuing his journey up the East Coast. He shows us were he sleeps, the internet cafe, chill areas, kitchen, pool and even shows us where to make your own boomerang. Get inspired: Read about Australia