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Ecuador Volunteering and Spanish Lessons

Travel, volunteer and learn Spanish - Visit the Galapagos, the Amazon jungle, try out some surfing on the coast, learn Spanish and give some time as a volunteer.


Amazing things are happening in Cuba right now – it starts in Havana!

Spanish at location: Travelling Spanish Classroom - Panama and Costa Rica

See what it's like to learn Spanish in an organized way while traveling in Central America (Costa Rica and Panama). 4 weeks with a unique blend of travel adventures and studying Spanish at four locations! Learn more - Travelling Spanish Classroom: http://travels.kilroy.net/tour/travelling-spanish-classroom/92131/17258

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica - Turrialba

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica. The language school is located near Turrialba in the central part of the country. Combine Spanish classes with adventures and activities such as horseback riding, river rafting, kayaking, mountain biking and bird watching. Learn more: Spanish classes in Costa Rica

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica - Turrialba - Tour of the school

Learn Spanish by the river! In this video you get a tour of the language school in Turrialba. The classroom is literally on a balcony with a beautiful vista over the rain forest and towards the mountains. Learn more: Spanish classes in Costa Rica

Ecuador - This is my Language School

Learn Spanish where it is spoken! Excellent teachers will help you get a grip of the language. You will get plenty of opportunities to practice the language on the many included trips and events in Quito, Ecuador. Get inspired: Read about EcuadorGet inspired: Tours and activities in Ecuador