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Kilimanjaro Trekking - Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro is Tanzania’s and Africa's highest mountain. This magic mountain should be climbed by everyone at least once! Here's a preview of the 5 vegetation zones you pass through on the 5-7 day trekking adventure to the summit of Kilimanjaro. Learn more: Uhuru Peak, Mount Kilimanjaro Learn more: Kilimanjaro trekking tours

East Africa highlights - Kenya and Tanzania

Climb Kilimanjaro and reach the summit of Africa. Relax in Zanzibar, enjoy the beaches or take a dive into the Indian Ocean. Go on safari and spot the magnificent wildlife of the East African savannah. Learn more: Kenya and Tanzania Learn more: Safari and nature tour in Africa

Safari in East Africa - Kenya and Tanzania

It's an amazing feeling when you get close to the wildlife in East Africa and discover the world of safari with your senses wide open. Have a look! Learn more: Kenya and Tanzania Learn more: Safari and nature tours in Africa

Zanzibar - KILROY was here

Magnificent Zanzibar beaches, coral reefs with great diving spots and laid back atmosphere. Learn more: All about Zanzibar Learn more: Adventures and experiences in Zanzibar

Africa - This is my overland safari truck

Ever wondered what those Africa overland trucks are like? Well, check this video and watch Sander showing the features of a real Drifters overland truck. Get inspired: Read about AfricaGet inspired: Tours and activities in Africa