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Volunteering: Singburi - Thailand

Give back to the local rural community in Singburi in Thailand and teach the local children in one of the many rural schools. You can also try school construction/maintenance and learn the art of Thai boxing! Learn more: Volunteering in Singburi, Thailand

Volunteering: Samraong, Greenway School - Cambodia

The Greenway School in the Pul village of Samraong in Cambodia, teaches various subjects to children from poorer backgrounds, who otherwise could not afford education. Here you will have the opportunity to teach English to the local children. Learn more: Volunteering in Cambodia

Sunshine Educare - Skandaalkamp, South Africa

Sunshine Educare, Skandaalkamp, South Africa: This is a preschool and learning centre for an extremely neglected community surrounded by rubbish dumps and no electricity. Volunteers teach and look after children between 1 and 6 years. Share your life with the kids and be a part of their future! Learn more: Sunshine Educare with 3 day welcome and...

Sunshine Educare - Skandaalkamp, South Africa - July 2014

Volunteers are placed in a school or educare centre in a disadvantaged community. Volunteers provide much needed classroom assistance. Share your life with the kids and be a part of their future! Learn more: Sunshine Educare program with 3 day orientation package Lean more: All our volunteer programs

Argentina - Volunteering in Buenos Aires

Children enjoying English songs taught to them by an extremely popular volunteer. Enthusiasm and simple ideas are all it takes to grab the children’s attention, this was a great experience for the children and the volunteer. With a little time and creativity this could be you. Learn more: Volunteering in Buenos Aires, Argentina Learn more:...

South Africa - Volunteering in Cape Town township

Township volunteering in Cape Town. In this video you will follow Sarah from Sweden to get an impression of the daily tasks when working with children in Cape Town, South Africa. Follow her around in the township and see how she lives. Get inspired: Volunteer projects in South AfricaGet inspired: Tours and activities in South Africa