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Volunteering - Heart for Juniors - South Africa

Play with the kids, share ideas with local staff and help make this project a great place to for the township children. Learn more: Volunteer projects in South Africa

South Africa - Volunteering in South Africa

By participating in volunteer projects in South Africa you will use your own resources and strengths by helping save the great white shark, rescue penguins or help out in local communities. This is a fantastic opportunity and life changing experience to get closer to the locals. Get inspired: Volunteer projects in South AfricaGet inspired:...

South Africa - Volunteering in Cape Town township

Township volunteering in Cape Town. In this video you will follow Sarah from Sweden to get an impression of the daily tasks when working with children in Cape Town, South Africa. Follow her around in the township and see how she lives. Get inspired: Volunteer projects in South AfricaGet inspired: Tours and activities in South Africa