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Ruski Huski Train adventure with Vodkatrain

Go for a full on adventure on this traditional winter Trans Siberian/Mongolian Experience. This is a Boots 'n' all trip for the hardiest of travellers. Think snow, big furry Moscow hats, temperatures well below zero, oh and probably some vodka too! Learn more about this trip: Ruski Huski

India - This is my night train

The best way for backpackers to travel through India is by train. With more than 30 million daily passengers, you can imagine the ride being an experience in itself. In this movie we follow Nathalie on the 15 hour night train from Agra to Mumbai. Get inspired: Read about IndiaGet inspired: Tours and activities in India

China - Tips on transportation and getting around

Ready to travel China on your own or in a group? Here's a few simple tips on traveling by train, bus, taxi and subway in China. Advice from a tour guide and backpackers who recently went to China. Learn more: All about China Learn more: Adventures in China