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Bangkok, Thailand - This is my hostel

Visit New Road Guesthouse in Bangkok. You'll find friendly staff, great rooms and a DVD lounge where you can chill. KILROY also has a travel office here so this is the place to book trips in Bangkok and to plan the rest of your tour around South East Asia. Get inspired: Arrival package in Bangkok Get inspired: Tours and activities in Thailand

San Francisco, USA - 5 Things to see

San Francisco is a wonderful city with one highlight after the other. See the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge, take a tour to Pier 39 and watch all the sea lions or get on a cable car to the steep, steep Russian Hills. Get inspired: Read about San Francisco Get inspired: Read about USA

Thailand - This Is My Bungalow

There are many choices of accommodation out there. Nina in Thailand has found her favorite - the bungalow! Here she lives a relaxing life drinking coconut milk, eating green curry chicken soup, getting massages, relaxing on the beach and dancing all night. You can do it too! Get inspired: Read about Thailand Get inspired: Tours and activities...

Cambodia - 5 things to see

There are many exiting experiences waiting for you, if you plan to travel in Cambodia. Go to the beautiful ancient temples in Angkor Wat or the horrifying S21 and Killing Fields. Sail on The Floating Village of Chong Kneas or visit The Royal Palace - Phnom Pehn. See more here. Get inspired: Read about CambodiaGet inspired: Tours and activities...

Laos - 5 things to see

Laos is an exciting and diverse country that offers an interesting culture, amazing nature and a good time with other young travellers. Experience a Buddhist morning ritual at Luang Prabang, take a tour around Vientiane - the capital of Laos, see the beautiful Kuang Si Waterfall and end your trip with a smashing party on your tube by the river...

Mexico - 5 Things to see

Buenos días señores y señoras! Mexico is an exciting - and slightly crazy - country to visit. The locals are friendly and the activities are endless. Try a swim with whale sharks at Isla Mujeres, see the exotic nature and vibrant colours at San Cristobal and take a swim along the tranquil beaches in Tulum. Get inspired: Read about Mexico

Cambodia - Travelling on a shoestring

This G adventures trip "Cambodia on a shoestring" is really fantastic. The experienced guides take you to the major sights and activities in Cambodia. Experience the city of Angkor Wat - the former capital of KhMehr Kingdom and sail to The Floating village of Chong Khnea, take a bus trip from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh and meet the local children...

Thailand - This is my Bucket

Full moon party is something you have to try! Dancing on a beach among thousands of other people from all over the world surely is an experience. Buckets are an essential part of the backpacker craziness in Thailand! Get inspired: Read about Thailand Get inspired: Tours and activities in Thailand

Laos - This Is My Tube

You wouldn’t imagine how much fun you can have with an old tire-tube in a river, flying with the cableway, playing mud volleyball or diving in the mud pools! Of course there are festive people and alcohol involved as well... Check it out! Get inspired: Read about AsiaGet inspired: Tours and activities in Asia

Halong Bay, Vietnam - KILROY was here

Halong Bay is listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List - and with good reason! Few places on earth are as fascinating and intriguing as the oddly eroded rocks off the coast of North Vietnam. A must see! Get inspired: Read about VietnamGet inspired: Tours and activities in Vietnam

Atlanta, USA - KILROY was here

Atlanta is a beautiful and interesting city in the east of the USA. It’s a popular place to stop by when travelling through the states. Here you can visit the World of Coca-Cola, Georgia Aquarium, Zoo Atlanta or take a tour inside CNN. Take a look and see what to expect! Get inspired: Read about USA

Queenstown, New Zealand - Bungy Jumping

Bungy jumping was invented at this site in Queenstown, New Zealand, thirty years ago. Andrea from the US came here to get the original rush of a lifetime. Get inspired: Read about New Zealand