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New Zealand - Skydiving in Taupo

I’m jumping out of a plane, Mum! That’s what Laura is saying when she takes a thrilling plunge from a pink propeller airplane in Taupo, New Zealand. Do this yourself: See our skydiving tours Get inspired: Read about New Zealand

New Zealand - sand boarding

The walk up the sand dune is all worth it when you slide down at high speed. So pick up a board and spend hours surfing down one of New Zealand’s enormous sandbanks! Get inspired: Read about New Zealand

Aukland, New Zealand - night life

The bass is pounding around the many nightclubs in Auckland, New Zealand, and both locals and travellers let it all out on the dance floor! Whoop, whoop! Get inspired: Read about Auckland Get inspired: Read about New Zealand

Whakatane, New Zealand - Maze and Maize

It’s this way - I mean this way… or was it that way? There is no map of this part of New Zealand! And that’s the whole point! Get inspired: Read about New Zealand

Matamata, New Zealand - Visit Hobbiton

This authentic Lord of the Rings location allows you to dream away and become a hobbit for a day. The ever present New Zealand sheep are natural size, though... Get inspired: Read about New Zealand

Franz Josef, New Zealand - Ice trekking

Do you want street cred back home? Climb a glacier! In New Zealand you can give yourself the ultimate challenge in the ever-changing icy landscape. Get inspired: Read about New Zealand

New Zealand - The country of Adrenaline

Do you like action? Do you like to challenge yourself? In New Zealand you can go skydiving, bungy jumping, water rafting, canyon swinging, cave rafting, river sledging and much, much more! Get inspired: Read about New Zealand

Abel Tasman National park, New Zealand

The scenery in Abel Tasman National Park is incomparable to any other place on earth. A sailing trip is a peaceful way to experience the golden beaches, shallow lagoons and crystal clear waters. If your're lucky you will see dolphins too. Get inspired: Read about New Zealand

New Plymouth, New Zealand - A true Fisherman

Meet the locals in their natural environment! Go to New Plymouth, pull on all-purpose clothes, adapt to the jargon – and do not get seasick! We met a true fisherman at he´s fishing store and went to sea on his fishing boat. Get inspired: Read about New Zealand

New Zealand - 10 things to do

It will take you a long time to run out of exiting activities and sights in New Zealand. Go whale watching in Kaikoura, see dolphins at Bay of Islands, go trekking at Tongariro Crossing or try ice climbing at Franz Joseph Glacier. These activities are just a few of many. See our hottest pick here and get inspired! Get inspired: Read about New...

Cairns, Australia - White water rafting

If you like crazy activities - come to Australia! Mandy and Lee are not afraid to get wet and wild! Try this yourself: See our white water rafting tours Get inspired: Read about Australia

Travel guide - Travellers’ tips and what to bring

What to bring and what not to bring in your backpack - that’s the question. Get great advice from these backpackers - they have learned the hard way! Practical stuff: Read the KILROY backpacker and travel guide