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Surfing in South Africa - Stoked School of Surf - Cape Town

Stoked School of Surf is a mobile surf school and surf tour operator based in Cape Town, South Africa providing a unique surfing experience at beaches with the most ideal wind and swell conditions. Have a look! Learn more: Surfing in South Africa

Wake Up Hostel - Sydney, Australia

Wake Up Sydney is a fresh and modern backpacker hostel. It's the hub of backpacker activities, right in the heart of Sydney and located just across the road from Sydney central station. Wake Up is rated as one of the best hostels in Australia. Learn more: City arrival packages

The Philippines - How to have fun

Don't have a clue on what to do in the Philippines? Here's a few suggestions: Rent a surfboard, have fun with friends and locals, try out island hopping, explore caves, snorkel, relax at the beach, rent a scooter (wear a helmet, please) or go shopping! Learn more: The Philippines Learn more: Diving and Adventures in the Philippines

China - Yangshou - KILROY was here

The Yangshou area invites to exploring the outdoors. Visit bat caves, float down the river or try out rock climbing! Learn more: Tours and activities in Yangshou, China Learn more: Adventures in China

China - Xi'an - KILROY was here

Xi'an is one of Chinas oldest cities and located in the central part of the country. Xi'an is a popular destination for many backpackers and travelers. Check out the city wall and the famous Terracotta Warrior sculptures. Learn more: All about Xi'an Learn more: Adventures and activities in Xi'an, China

China - Shanghai - KILROY was here

Get a touch of Shanghai in just 45 seconds! Busy streets, chinese markets, high rise buildings and night scenes. Go to Shanghai and explore the modern China. Learn more: All about Shanghai Learn more: Adventures and activities in Shanghai, China

China - Hong Kong - KILROY was here

Explore the Hong Kong Waterfront, Stanley Beach and get some tax free shopping done in Hong Kong. Enjoy the magnificent views from high rise buildings and do not miss the night markets of Hong Kong. Learn more: All about Hong Kong Learn more: Adventures and activities in Hong Kong

China - Beijing - KILROY was here

Beijing, China. Rent a bike and find you way around the city. Try out local street food, watch the city spectacles, visit the Forbidden city and Tiananmen Square, explore the Great Wall of China and take in the night life of Beijing. Learn more: All about Beijing Learn more: Adventures and activities in Beijing, China

China - Travel tips for China

What to bring and think about when you go to China. Tips, tricks and advice from real China backpackers. Check it out. Learn more: All about China Learn more: Adventures in China

China - Tips on transportation and getting around

Ready to travel China on your own or in a group? Here's a few simple tips on traveling by train, bus, taxi and subway in China. Advice from a tour guide and backpackers who recently went to China. Learn more: All about China Learn more: Adventures in China

China - The Great Wall

The Great Wall of China. Visit this wonder near Beijing or further inland. Make sure to bring your best trekking shoes as the steps are many and steep. Learn more: All about China Learn more: Adventures in China

China - The Three Gorges (by boat)

The Three Gorges is one of the most spectacular sites in China. The dam is built on the Yangtze River and is one of the largest construction projects ever. River boat cruises are popular and further upstream you can do tours in smaller vessels. Learn more: All about China Learn more: Adventures in China