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Nevada, USA - Sleeping around

What's it like to be on a road trip in a campervan in Nevada, USA when it's +35c outside... even at night!!! Get inspired: Read about USA

Route 66, USA - Meeting the locals

We got hungry on Route 66 and hit the brakes at the local diner "The Iron Hog": While eating a tasty all american cheese burger we met this local tattooist... Get inspired: Read our route 66 road trip tips Get inspired: Read about USA

USA - This is my campervan

Freedom on 4 wheels! Check out this cool hand painted campervan which is a more basic and cheaper alternative to a full-size motorhome when cruising the US West Coast. Great for backpackers! Want to do this yourself? See our campervans in USA Get inspired: Read our route suggestions for a road trip in USA Get inspired: Read about USA

Internship in Los Angeles, USA - One day as an intern

One day in the life of Leo Bülow - intern at a company called Süperfad doing Motion Graphic Design and Animation. Leo got help to apply for an internship visa from KILROY education. Want to do an internship in USA? Read about our internship program

San Francisco, USA - 5 Things to see

San Francisco is a wonderful city with one highlight after the other. See the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge, take a tour to Pier 39 and watch all the sea lions or get on a cable car to the steep, steep Russian Hills. Get inspired: Read about San Francisco Get inspired: Read about USA

Study at The Santa Barbara City College, California, USA

Studying in a foreign country is very educational - both in the academic and general respect! David Lee took the exciting and rewarding challenge. He is studying Business Management and playing American Football at the Santa Barbara City College right next to the beach. He loves it. You can go too! Want to combine sports with studying? Read...

Atlanta, USA - KILROY was here

Atlanta is a beautiful and interesting city in the east of the USA. It’s a popular place to stop by when travelling through the states. Here you can visit the World of Coca-Cola, Georgia Aquarium, Zoo Atlanta or take a tour inside CNN. Take a look and see what to expect! Get inspired: Read about USA