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China - Yangshou - KILROY was here

The Yangshou area invites to exploring the outdoors. Visit bat caves, float down the river or try out rock climbing! Learn more: Tours and activities in Yangshou, China Learn more: Adventures in China

China - Beijing to Hong Kong Adventure Tour

Small group adventure tour through China. Soak in the vibrant pulse of Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, float down the Yangtze on a Chinese-style riverboat and walk the Great Wall of China with others that share the same appetite for adventure. Learn more: Beijing to Hong Kong tour details Learn more: All adventure tours in China

China - 10 things to see

For ambitious travelers on a tight budget who are after a China experience with the very best this country has to offer, this video shows 10 of the best China experiences without missing its scenic wonders and most famous cities and sites. Learn more: All about China Learn more: Adventures in China