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USA and Canada - Jucy Trailblazer campervan

The Trailblazer campervan in USA and Canada has all the modern features of a compact motorhome including a fridge, gas cooker, sink, DVD player and has two double beds to sleep up to 4 people. Based on a minivan the Trailblazer is super easy to drive. Learn more about the Champ Campervan

Michigan State University, East Lansing, USA

Studying at Michigan State University (MSU) as an international student offers all that comes with attending one of America's largest and highly ranked research universities but also a cultural experience based on the richness of life in the American Midwest. Learn more about Michigan State University (MSU)

California State University Northridge - Student life

"A day as a Matador" - experience a day in the life of a California State Uni Northridge student from a first person perspective. Learn more: CSU Northridge

Volunteering in Goa, India

Create a positive change and get involved with grass roots organizations that together with the help of volunteers create change in local communities in Goa, India. Learn more: Volunteering in India

Kilimanjaro Trekking - Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro is Tanzania’s and Africa's highest mountain. This magic mountain should be climbed by everyone at least once! Here's a preview of the 5 vegetation zones you pass through on the 5-7 day trekking adventure to the summit of Kilimanjaro. Learn more: Uhuru Peak, Mount Kilimanjaro Learn more: Kilimanjaro trekking tours

East Africa highlights - Kenya and Tanzania

Climb Kilimanjaro and reach the summit of Africa. Relax in Zanzibar, enjoy the beaches or take a dive into the Indian Ocean. Go on safari and spot the magnificent wildlife of the East African savannah. Learn more: Kenya and Tanzania Learn more: Safari and nature tour in Africa

Safari in East Africa - Kenya and Tanzania

It's an amazing feeling when you get close to the wildlife in East Africa and discover the world of safari with your senses wide open. Have a look! Learn more: Kenya and Tanzania Learn more: Safari and nature tours in Africa

Zanzibar - KILROY was here

Magnificent Zanzibar beaches, coral reefs with great diving spots and laid back atmosphere. Learn more: All about Zanzibar Learn more: Adventures and experiences in Zanzibar

Sunshine Educare - Skandaalkamp, South Africa

Sunshine Educare, Skandaalkamp, South Africa: This is a preschool and learning centre for an extremely neglected community surrounded by rubbish dumps and no electricity. Volunteers teach and look after children between 1 and 6 years. Share your life with the kids and be a part of their future! Learn more: Sunshine Educare with 3 day welcome and...

Sunshine Educare - Skandaalkamp, South Africa - July 2014

Volunteers are placed in a school or educare centre in a disadvantaged community. Volunteers provide much needed classroom assistance. Share your life with the kids and be a part of their future! Learn more: Sunshine Educare program with 3 day orientation package Lean more: All our volunteer programs

Volunteering helps the Community - India

Real life stories from communities in India benefiting from our volunteers. Learn more: Volunteering in India

RMIT Vietnam: University life

You'll never experience another time in your life quite like your university years. From spending time on the RMIT Vietnam campus and meeting new people through exploring a new culture and the wonderful sights and sounds of Vietnam, your experience at RMIT Vietnam will be rewarding and fulfilling. Learn more: RMIT Vietnam University Learn more:...