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Milhouse Hostel - Cusco, Peru

Strategically located in the Heart of Cusco, only two blocks from Plaza De Armas, Milhouse hostel is an incredible place. Learn to understand the Inca Empire with assistance from the friendly staff. If you enjoy meeting new people, dancing at the best parties and want to see Cusco and Peru in a different way, Milhouse hostel Cusco is the place...

Argentina - Volunteering in Buenos Aires

Children enjoying English songs taught to them by an extremely popular volunteer. Enthusiasm and simple ideas are all it takes to grab the children’s attention, this was a great experience for the children and the volunteer. With a little time and creativity this could be you. Learn more: Volunteering in Buenos Aires, Argentina Learn more:...

Milhouse Hostel - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Milhouse hostel in Buenos Aires is one of the most attractive hostels in Latin America. Activities every single day and night and the staff is friendly and very helpful. Accommodation in dorms or private rooms. Milhouse has a fantastic location in B.A. and offers Spanish classes, volunteer work, tango shows, city tours, bike tours and tickets to...

Curtin University Singapore - Student Testimonial

Studying at Curtin University Singapore. Why Singapore? Why Curtin Singapore? What's uni life like? What about tomorrow? What do you love about Singapore? Want to study in Singapore? Read about Curtin University Singapore

University of South Australia - Student life

Student life and atmosphere in and around University of South Australia in Adelaide. Combine your studies with a an active lifestyle and plenty of time on the beach. Want to study here? Read about The University of South Australia Want to study in Australia? See our universities in Australia

This is Indonesia - KILROY was here

Explore the highlights of Indonesia! Mesmerizing views, a spicy and chaotic mix of different cultures and especially thousands of unspoiled islands with beautiful natural scenery. KILROY was here! Get inspired: Read about IndonesiaGet inspired: Tours and activities in Indonesia

South East Asia travel guide - Tips and Tricks about backpacking

South East Asia is one of the most amazing and easiest places to backpack. Here's a couple of tricks and heads up to make your trip as good as possible. Sleeping, transportation, shopping, food and weather. Check the video. Get inspired: Asia information Get inspired: Tours in Asia Learn more: Backpackers travel guide

Japan travel guide - tips and tricks

Japan travel guide. A few practical tips for first-time backpackers in Japan. What to see, when to visit, how to get around, what to eat and drink, where to stay and what you shouldn't miss in Japan. Get inspired: All our tours in Japan Get inspired: Japan activities, sightseeing and things to do

Portugal - Kite surfing

Combine Europe travel with an activity such as kite surfing, with Portugal being one of the top kite surfing destinations in Europe. Get inspired: Read about kite surfing Get inspired: Activities in Portugal Get inspired: Portugal tours, sightseeing and things to do

RMIT Vietnam - First Impression - Study Abroad

RMIT Vietnam Study Abroad program. International students talk about their experiences and student life at RMIT Vietnam. First impression, the people, the food, expenses, housing, transportation, entertainment, leisure and travel. Learn more: RMIT Vietnam Learn more: Studying in Vietnam

RMIT Vietnam - A day in the life - Study Abroad

RMIT Vietnam - Study Abroad. Get an impression of the university, the city, the people and student life at the RMIT Vietnam campus. Learn more: RMIT Vietnam Learn more: Studying in Vietnam

Internship in Australia - interviews with interns

Our internship partner in Australia arranges beneficial internship positions, mainly in Sydney, Australia. Placements are available in a wide range of fields including Marketing, Finance, Tourism, PR, HR, IT, and many other fields. Placements are designed to meet the intern's training expectations and requirements. More info: Internship in...